About Axel Lima, freelance writter


I´m currently writing for Travelicious about Mexico. Be aware of my upcoming travel posts about this marvelous country. This includes: bar and canteens guides, routes and How do I get there stories, unknown beaches and fascinating destinations.

My interests also involve pop culture, politics, movie and videogame reviews, especially science fiction. I´ll be writing about these subjects soon.

I was born in Puebla, city 100 miles away from Mexico City (where I´m actually living in) located in the state of the same name. I´ve lived in Mérida Yucatán and Montevideo Uruguay. I´m 27 years old, studied science communication, journalism and philosophy of science. My labor experience includes: SEO, social media, content management, editor, reporter, photographer and printed media.

Do you have a commission for me or any questions about the site? Please visit the contact me page.

Peace among worlds sucker!