Here are 5 places to get a drink in Mexico City

I often see foreign people looking for traditional places to drink in Mexico City. So I recently wrote a quick guide for the best modern bars and old fashioned canteens (or “cantinas”)

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5 bars or canteens you should visit in Mexico City published in Travelicious.

I focus in Downtown “Centro Histórico”, Coyoacán, and the neighborhoods of La Roma and Condesa. I think these are the most frequented places for foreign visitors, they are secure, easy to get and have many interesting places besides the drinking places.

Wiki Commons
Wiki Commons


Canteens like La Coyoacana or Portales de Tlaquepaque are traditional places, more close to the local culture. I think everyone visiting Mexico should at least go to one Cantina.

Pixabay CC0
Pixabay CC0


Other places like Mama Rumba and Pata Negra combine a younger atmosphere with dancing options. Many people from outside Latin America are interested in afrocuban rhythms like salsa and the culture surrounding them. You can take dancing lessons here.

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Pulque is an ancient beverage from prehispanic times. It is produced in the states of Mexico (not the same that Mexico City), Hidalgo, Guerrero, Oaxaca an others. Pulque is little known among casual visitors so I think was a good idea to include La hija de los Apaches in the list; an emblematic pulquería near Avenida Reforma.

So please take some time to visit mi guide in Tevelicious and let me know what you think. Would you visit these recommendations? Which is the most interesting for you?